Heritage Club

Heritage is the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects and culture. Comorin Heritage Club was started with the motive of creating awareness and participation in heritage related activities among the students.The heritage club endeavours to inculcate a feeling of pride and love for the rich cultural legacy left behind by our ancestors. The programmes are designed so as to gear them to prepare power point presentations, posters, organise quiz, discussions, listen to renowned speakers and to visit the palace and monuments of great importance.

Eco club

"Go Green Before the Green Goes" - this is the motto of this club. Comorin school plays a vital role in creating among students the awareness to conserve the natural resources and natural environment. The students volunteer to be a part of this Eco club and they educate the others about their immediate environment and causes for its deterioration. Eco club of Comorin empowers students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. Last year hundreds of saplings were planted in the school campus by the higher secondary students which had made the campus more attractive and greener.

Literary Club

Comorin Literary Club was established with the motto “Unlearn to Relearn”. The students who have an affinity for literature join this club. This club is based upon using the creativity skills.

Literary Club aims at

  • Upgrading language skills
  • Instil confidence to speak well
  • Share the reading experience
  • Provide a space to exhibit the potential

Many children of Comorin Literary Club dynamically have taken part in various competitions and brought laurels to the institution. The club inculcates a flair for the language among the students and enhance their literary skills.

The Club activities include:

  • Conducting literary games - debates, essays, quizzes
  • Develop listening and writing skills
  • Writing poems, articles and short stories
  • Extempore
  • Group Discussion
  • Recitation
  • Slogan Writing
  • Poster Making

The club promotes the literary zeal among the students and creates platform for literary lovers to showcase their talents and interest.

Gardening Club

Comorin cultivates its own garden. When man was put in the garden of Eden, he was put there so that he should work, which proves that man was not born to rest. In today’s busy life we don’t get much time to get in tune with our environment. Gardening Club gives us a chance to do so. It helps to create a healthier environment too. The children of the club enjoy lots of hands-on experience of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants. Sedentary lifestyles make them have a limited understanding of the links between exercise, nutrition and lifelong health. Gardening paves way for them to gain experience of food growing from planting seeds to the cultivation of the plants and caring for the produce they grow whilst learning how and where food comes from. School gardening affects eating habits, too. Children become more likely to eat vegetables, even as snacks, and to ask family members to buy vegetables and fruits for them.

Activities of the Gardening Club includes…

  • Watering Plants
  • Cleaning Garden
  • Pulling Wild plant
  • Picking Fruits or Vegetables
  • Learn About Insects

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust. Fragrance fills not only the environment but also the minds of the students.


Audio-Visual club is made up of students who are interested in being a part of the technical team and stage crew for the events held in the school. The students will be trained and made an important part of the school program, thereby aiding the conduct of the program as well as adding another dimension in education and development for the students involved. The interested student community will be divided according to the age groups for effective participation in the club activities. Audio-Visual club plays an important role in supporting the schools in various ways like organising assemblies, technical assistance during school events, stage crew and even assisting with recording and editing team. The club meets weekly once and along with theoretical discussions, practical sessions also be given to students.


Fine Arts Club is open for students who got passion, taste and potential for various art and cultural performances. The Fine Arts club focuses on different forms of art like music, singing, dance, drama etc. The student also will be send for inter and intra school competitions. This club also inspires and enables students to actively learn and develop their talent and skills that will develop their artistic expression. The Fine Arts club provides opportunity to students to make wings to their imagination and helps them to visualize things in a different way. The club meets weekly once under the leadership of a faculty member and club head.

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