Online Class


This academic year (2020 – 2021) has begun on June first week, though the regular way of teaching was disrupted due to the pandemic. At Comorin the classes were started via online from June onwards. The wholehearted effort of the Management, Principal, teachers, parents and children made it possible where each student’s house turned out to be a classroom. The online classes include audio, video, animations, live discussion with teachers and virtual class through zoom platform. This paved way to a rich learning environment with much more flexibility than a traditional classroom.


Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing software around the world. It includes many features such as virtual classroom, sharing video files, audio files, PowerPoint presentations, web sharing, private and public live discussions, which also have strong security with end to end encryption. At Comorin, we use zoom platform for the virtual classes.

The kindergarten children have interactive sessions with their teachers which makes them to keep up the pace of the school environment. The primary, middle school, ISC and ICSE students have their classes from Monday to Friday with a proper timetable. We are conducting interactive sessions, Music class and drawing class for the pre primary students during weekends. We use the same platform to conduct our staff meetings and parent’s meetings too. We conduct supportive class as a support to the students to clear their doubts during weekends.


Web portal and Mobile application is an added feature to the online classes. The web portal and mobile application bridge the parents and schools and helps in sharing notes, PPTs, online exams, messages and grievances from parents. After the end of each class, an online exam will be published based on that day’s portion which enables the children to recapitulate the learned concepts. Added to this, to assess the children, monthly tests and term examinations are conducted through online platform both objective and descriptive formats.

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